Website Design & Development

Web and Butter

I've been making websites since my dad brought home his first pc. Initial attempts were for fun, then for money to get through Uni and finally into my first big agency job. Looking back, it's remarkable how much has changed, and how much hasn't.

Now we have standards, usability, accessibility, multiple browser cross compatibility, frameworks and libraries, boilerplates, responsive screens...

We've become so adept and comfortable with 'the new', that it's easy to take all this for granted.

One of the things that keeps me enjoying coding, designing and building websites, is something that I don't think has changed.

That the internet, the web, the net, is all about people and their passion for some thing.

From the very first site I made (about my brothers car enthusiast group) to the very last (my dads allotment organisation), having a website is about reaching out and connecting with the wider world and the things which matter to us.

It's these things that I look for in projects. It's these things that still make me smile when they go live.