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Making it Real

Working digitally, by illuminated screen, pressed button and shifted curser is a powerful thing. Yet it has a hollow side effect, of you never feel your work is quite real. It's intangible.

Sometimes I feel this way about the countless photographs which exist only as bit and byte on numerous boxed hard disk drives.

Working with online spaces and resources can be like communicating with some misty spirit world (try explaining to a client exactly 'where' their website is).

Making a print is making it real. It's not just a visual or a size thing, although it is nice to be able to stand and view a piece. It's that it has form and texture. The process used, the colours selected, the medium it's printed on.

It's so nice just to get a freshly printed set of business cards back, and hold the tightly stacked block in your hands, ready for dissemination.

I'm about to start reading about and working with photographic printing (the last book of my Ansel Adams phase).

So hopefully something interesting will emerge from those new skills and techniques.