Posters, Prints & Flyers

Everyone Hearts Posters

They can be so expressive, communicative, experimental and powerful, yet also very temporary and disposable.

Posters are a visual communication tool, very deeply grounded in symbolism.

This is their real strength and why they are still so present today.

It surprises me that alot of people miss this, even though they get much inspiration from political posters (particularly those of communist propaganda).

It's also a subtly difficult skill to master. Sure, it seems easy, anyone can knock up a poster right? I don't think many people really, truly master the art of communicating via coloured surface prints.

I know I haven't.

Mainly because it's not presented as something which should be studied. It's just a poster right?

I'm an avid reader of Yves' Screen Fonts, which is mainly a look at poster type, but also points out trends and bad composition also. Very informative, very funny.

My main source of inspiration comes from film posters, particularly with people like Stephen Frankfurt, 60's advertising giants like Vignelli and Bernbach and recently Max Bill.