Photography and Cinematography

A Love of Light and Shadow

I've come a long way since I studied physics and sat in a blacked out store room, copying Newton, measuring the frequency of light with a prism. But I'm still fascinated by light, the way it moves and flows, the spaces it fills, and those it doesn't.

It's this fascination which drew me into the world of making images.

It began aquisitioning the family camcorder, then art installations, before finally studying the craft and science of image making at university.

The images I made were usually for fun, or to inform other aspects of my work.

But people liked what I did and asked me to work for them, and my experience grew from the simple pleasure of shooting.

To date, there's no other single aspect of my work that's given me as much satisfaction as taking photos or shooting films.

If I have an idea or some quick inspiration, it's great to be able to just setup and shoot what I need.

It always adds real value to the projects I do, and I always look forward to the next brief.

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