Motion Graphics

It's Like Animation, but Not Quite

Title sequences, experimental videos, information reels, corporate slideshows, web promos, video collages, projectsions and anything where mixed media are mixed together and manipulated.

Motion work is a wonderfully flexible skill and technique to master, especially as your design skills improve. You just keep getting more and more ideas, and the tools just keep getting better and better.

It helps that I have a background in traditional animation, 3D and film making as these skills help smooth out the gaps in what a client requires.

I love that each brief is a bit like a puzzle, "how do we approach this, what techniques can we use, shall we write a script for this, plugins?"

It's the open ended nature of the medium which makes it so interesting to work in.

I'm competent with timeline or node based workflows, in After Effects, Combustion, Fusion and Blender.