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A New Dawn for Cinema

Crafting pictures seems to be poised at the edge of an abyss. But whether the coming (or ensuing) plunge will lead to a bright new era or a long, dark night is anyone's guess.

The current movie making landscape is all about technology, where too often tools overide talent.

The early introduction of sound to movies in the mid 1920's, was at the time seen as harmful to a film makers vocabulary and a movies general visual expression.

Japan held on to silent films much longer, (although using 'benshi' lecturers who would vocally explain a film during it's screening) and arguably benefited, with masters like Kurosawa, Ozu and Teshigahara paving the way and influencing Spielberg, Lucas and Scorcese.

I feel much the same way about things today, that because making a film is so, 'off the shelf', the craft is being diluted.

I don't mind seeing a mindless, vfx ridden, immature, popcorn flick, or a tasteless horror with lashings of ultra violence. I'm just tired of only being able to see that.

The brighter side, is that film has never been so accessible, and for those with keen focus and an independent spirit, it's a very exciting time to be making movies.

So, if the industry won't make the films I enjoy, well, I'll just see if I can make them myself.