Conferences, Gigs and Events

Going Live

Event work is a real buzz. I've been very lucky to work at some large conferences, worked live satellite video feeds beamed across the globe and even exhibited and ran some of my own.

The unpredictable nature of events is what is so special.

Media practitioners, we're such precognitive planners (which is important) that dealing with the unfolding whirl and twirl of live situations is daunting, but necessary.

These situations really test your skills and nerve to the limit.

Can you shoot a conference promo on location in the morning and have it edited and burnt to dvd for the delegates to watch over their lunch?

Can you instruct 4 groups of managers to plan and make their own adverts in a few hours, then put them together overnight for them to review at breakfast?

Can you record a person at the start of an installation, from multpiple cameras, and project their journey back to them at the end, automaticallym using off the shelf components?

Can you backup your ideas, and answer someones probing questions about your work an choices?

Can you coordinate the assorted crew and talent of a film shoot and keep the director happy, on time and within budget?

However they turn out, the experience is always uniquw and invaluable. You often emerge feeling worn and torn, but stronger and changed aswell.