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Veto Films

Veto Films create documentaries with an emphasis on people, social issues and real life. They attempt to record and present the human condition through their vérité style.

Having worked closely with founders Yacine and Steve before, I was delighted to be offered to create the ID and website for their new film partnership.

Based around their showreel, the site aims to encourage new clients to get in touch, as well as present a professional image to the wider independent film community.

The ID was difficult to position as they needed to reflect their open and personal approach as well as a trustworthy, professional image.

The logo incorporates the dove (a recurring theme of peace) and the letters 'v' and 'f'.

Spiekermann's Officina typeface reintroduced a friendly, intelligent tone.

  • Veto Films ID ~ Artworked
  • Veto Films ID ~ On White
  • Veto Films ID ~ On Black

Veto Films ID (3 images)

Veto Films ~ Homepage Design

Homepage Layout (click for large version)

Veto Films ~ About Page

About Page Layout (click for large version)

Veto Films ~ Twitter Background

Custom Twitter BG Design (click for large version)