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Making a film is a lesson in absurdity at the best of times. Trying to do it in a few days, with no money and with people you don't know is always interesting.

A short film lab organised by

Borderlands is about six areas on the outskirts of London. Six groups of filmmakers met on the day and were assigned an area.

I could only manage a bit of a day to help with the shoot but it was fun and the guys were great to work with. I took some stills and assisted the dp.

As it was shot on a d90, at night, in available light, I've been grading the footage to see how far it can be pushed. Not far.

I can't show the film due to festival commitments, but I'll try and setup a login.

The films were screened Thursday 13th Jan in Barking.

'Twisted' Short Film ~ UK Quad Poster

UK Quad Poster

  • 'Twisted' ~ Richard Hollingworth ~ Grade Test
  • 'Twisted' ~ Michelle Hudson ~ Grade Test
  • 'Twisted' ~ Richard Hollingworth, Roger Allen ~ Grade Test

Grade Tests

The footage from the d90 was limited, but had some surprising headroom once in an intermediate. You can see how the gamma curve has been biased towards the blacks and highlights, as the mids crunch under Richard's jaw.

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  • 'Twisted' ~ Parky ~ Behind the Scenes
  • 'Twisted' ~ Colab ~ Behind the Scenes
  • 'Twisted' ~ Rushes ~ Behind the Scenes
  • 'Twisted' ~ Red ~ Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

A few shots from the first night of rehearsals.

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