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Spiderhouse Showreel

The original Spiderhouse ident has always attracted some attention. Dark moody and atmospheric, it set the tone well for the piece which was about to play for the audience.

That original was always doomed to become obsolete. Shot on a DVX100 with miniDV at Druridge Bay and created on a whim (use all of the buffalo) it couldn't last in an HD world.

So, as we prepared reels to draw a line under our old works, I set about making some new ones.

I took the same approach, pulling shots from the archives rather than shooting new material. Added some atmospherics and creating grain plates from a roll of old Kodak tmax I had in the fridge.

I think they work well.

For the dvd menu, I used a pretty shot of some dust motes flying around and went for a clean look with simple copy making up the design. The billing font is Univers Condensed.

They nicely round off almost 5 years of making short films. If you'd like a copy, let me know.

Spiderhouse Ident Assets

Spiderhouse Showreel ~ Motion Menu

DVD Menu Layout

Ident Screenshots (6)

Spiderhouse Showreel ~ Surface Label

DVD Surface Label