Past Work & Projects

'Simox' @ Design Event

How far does your free will extend? What limits does observation impose on a subject? Does good and evil exist in a surveillant society? Simox is a futuristic film idea which explores these ideas.

Myself and artist Joel Weaver had been working on concept art and ideas for awhile when we were asked to exhibit some work for Design Event in Newcastle.

It was a good oppurtunity to get some feedback and exposure so we happily agreed. Joel provided some of his wonderful character illustrations and machine concepts.

Teaser posters are always a great way to strike a spark about a film so I took some photos and and put together a few ideas.

The footer type is Brody's 'Insignia' which is perfect for the mechanical dystopia forming Simox. The title letterforms are my own design.

People were attracted to the ideas shown and we got some great comments in return.