Past Work & Projects

Newcastle Mosque

This work was part of a promotional film aimed at raising financing for a new mosque, community and cultural learning centre in the centre of Newcastle's west end.

There were some unique challenges for this project, mainly centred around the creation of the DVD menus.

It seems like a simple task, to have options for both an engish and arabic language.

Audio was no problem, but the text was different, as a seperate program was required for the glyphs to read correctly. Arabic fonts were installed, formatted and set correctly. Still, there were unique joins and kerning factors which were not present, meaning the text could not be read clearly.

This was important because arabic as a written language was designed to be elaborate, elegant and specific.

So if copied, it had to be copied very precisely. Initially it was used to transcribe the Qur'an (and you don't want mistakes when dealing with what's considered to be the final word of God).

So all the lines and glyphs had to be represented correctly for the DVD.

I also enjoyed studying arabic patterns and their geometry to create one for the menu background.

The motion graphics map plates were requested after as a result of this work.

The project was a good challenge and an interesting experience which required good communication and cultural skills.

Newcastle Central Mosque Association
Veto Films
Design, Motion Graphics and DVD Authoring

Newcastle Mosque DVD

Insert plates and dvd motion menus for the dvd.

NCM Film ~ Motion Menu

Frame grabs from the project.

Click a thumb for fullzize.

First Arabic Pattern

First Pattern (Based on traditonal arabesque)

Second Custom Designed Pattern

Second, Custom Pattern (asked to be similar to the NCM logo)

Second Pattern Repeated

Second Pattern