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Animation eats time, motion graphics are less hungry but still have a healthy appetite for days and hours. It's intersting to see what can be created in a few days.

Inkspot are a company who provide online, collaborative scientific tools to, well, scientists.

They needed little video for flash presentions to help in meetings and conferences.

The project only took about 4 days in total to produce, from start to finish. I drew all the visual elements to motion and edit in afx.

It helped that the agency (Corona Films, GB) had a strong idea and vision. They also did a great job with the vo and music.

I created the little scientist (Chest Rockwell) based on the 50s B-Movie archetype. He's a happy chappy. No monsters or global catastrophies to deal with in this film Chest.

He does conduct an experiment, get the results on the train, colab around the globe (london, paris, sydney) with mobile devices before delivering the results real time.

The power of science, mmm, science.

Inkspot Promo
Corona Films
Character Design, Motion Graphics, Editing / Post Production

Inkspot Promo

The full video created for

  • Inkspot ~ Frame 01
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 02
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 03
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 04
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 05
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 06
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 07
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 08
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 09
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 10
  • Inkspot ~ Frame 11

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