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Chasing charged particles, driving across California and trekking artic landscapes, Reed is taking his work to new horizons

A tireless hunter of imagery, Reed's work has recently been shown on national television and in the press.

Focusing on the elusive aurora and extreme landscapes, his work has begun to gain attention and recognition.

To allow people to share his work, Reed wanted to begin selling prints online and asked me to extend the site to include simple ecommerce options.

So we took the opportunity to redesign his site and improve the content.

Having just got back from a road trip around California, Reed is just adding his images before they go on sale officially.

Make sure to be first in line as I'm sure they'll last as long as the shimmering aurora Reed strives to capture.

Ingram Photography Ecommerce Solution ~ Homepage Design Layout

Homepage Design (click for large version)

Ingram Photography Ecommerce Solution ~ Gallery Design Layout

Gallery Design (click for large version)

Ingram Photography Ecommerce Solution ~ Print Design Layout

Print View Layout (click for large version)