Past Work & Projects

Families Relief FR 15

There are some people in the world who are such good people they astound you. Families Relief are a charity made up of such fine folk, and they’ve been helping others for 15 years.

I was asked to create a short animation for a promo film for their anniversary, and the idea of helping kids and expressing something of the difficulties many face is what attracted me.

Animation is a wonderful form which really allows your imagination to flow freely.

I was given complete freedom to create and really enjoyed bringing the piece to fruition from concept to design and execution.

We follow a little geometric character who’s lost and orphaned in a lonely, dust swept, alien landscape until parents and happiness return.

On the strength of the design, additional plates for the film were requested and the work bookended the project.

Families Relief
Veto Films
Writing, Character Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Ident Design, Editing / Post Production