Past Work & Projects

‘Dasein’ with James Suret

Artist James Suret’s project was inspired by a frustratingly dense and complex philosophical work ‘Being and Time’. Luckily, his installation was easier and more enjoyable to experience.

Until this project, I never knew creating glass was such a difficult and beatiful craft. You need lots of patience both to work the materials in those white hot furnaces and wait for the molten liquid to cool and solidify.

When it does, James’ unique ideas and foresight crystallise into lenses and view screens which he projects video onto and through.

His Dasein project involved recording a person walking through a twisted tunnel and playing their jouney back via projection through a piece of glass.

What began as help creatng a motion triggered, flash powered, multi-cam recording app ended with film, photos and a website.

It was a really fun, unique experience.