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Claylands Avenue Gardeners

Living the good life and enjoying every home grown morsel, the Claylands Gardeners are a community of growers who have turned a patch of earth their own shade of green

There are strong green roots running in my family.

My grandad adoringly tended his garden, his little piece of the steppe, which often seemed more jungle-like when I was a small boy. My uncle is also a farmer and my dad is now enojoying his retirement by helping to transform the local allotments.

They've done so much and worked so hard over the past few years and the plot has been transformed and become fertile, not only in the food they grow, but in the friendships that have blossomed.

Having recently aquired funding for a community garden they are looking to spread awareness of what they do and get more local people involved.

To help them promote themselves and their events we put together a little website so they could give advice and advertise their shop.

I even got my dad using twitter.

It's so nice when you can use your skills not for commercial gain, but to help friends and family.

  • Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society ID / Logo ~ Artworked
  • Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society ID / Logo ~ On Black
  • Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society ID / Logo ~ On White

Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society ID / Logo (3 images)

Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society ~ Homepage Design Layout

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