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Leif Kendall is a copywriter based in Brighton. Having written an book based on his successful blog about freelancing, he asked me to design a wordpress theme to help promote it's release.

I was really pleased to be offered the chance to work with Leif. It was a good challenge, tight budget, nice brief and there was lots of open discussion and revision.

Leif wanted to keep the design close to that of the book, to ensure people would connect the two.

The first layouts were a bit too close, and we revised them together, with some local UX advice to something more user friendly.

Now live, the look is friendly and clear with a good user focus.

I hope to write the odd blog post for the site in the future and look forward to getting a copy!

Website Link:
Leif Kendall / Kendall Copywriting
Client Site:
Design, Custom Wordpress Theming, HTML5 and CSS.
  • Brilliant Freelancer ID ~ Artworked
  • Brilliant Freelancer ID ~ On White
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Brilliant Freelancer ~ Final Design

Final Homepage Design ID (click for large version)

Brilliant Freelancer ~ Initial Design

Initial Homepage Design ID (click for large version)