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Blank Studios LLP

Blank are an irrepressible trio of sound engineers from Newcastle who went solo . With little help they fitted out their own recording studio. A unique energy, fizz and style is Blank’s key asset.

Another one of those lucky briefs that lands in your lap from earlier friendships. I worked closely with Blank founder Sam Grant at Amazing Media and he always liked my work.

They had an idea of the studio being a focal point not only for musicians, but local creatives of all types.

Their ID needed to reflect this and draw people in. It needed to be clean, modern and had to catch your eye, to stand out amonsgt the other multi-coloured ads and banners.

I went for high contrast and solid lines. The creeping audio wires added a darker tone, edge and a sense of what the guys do.

'Avenir' provided bold, futuristic lettering to their media and the overall look has been very successful

  • Blank Studios ID ~ Artworked
  • Blank Studios ID ~ On White
  • Blank Studios ID ~ On Black

Blank Studios ID (3 images)

Blank Studios ~ Homepage Layout

Homepage Design (click for large version)

Blank Studios ~ Header Assets

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Blank Studios ~ Homepage Layout

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