Branding, Logos & Corporate Identities

Make Your Mark

Creating an identity is always an enjoyable challenge, difficult to perfect on so many levels. It’s a multi-faceted, emotive impression of an entity which gives a location on the cultural map.

I’ve been lucky to work next to some real pros at some big agencies when it come to branding. So it’s no surprise the desire to have a go rubbed off on me.

The first thing I realised, is there’s no one way to approach this, and everyone has their own style.

With this in mind, my work draws on what stands out to me, what generates an idea and pushes past simple shapes, lines and letters.

I love symbolism, solid form and geometry which comes out in what I do. My approach is to create a sense of what an entity is about and how they fit amongst their peers.

It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding, especially as I get the client closely involved, and it feels like a collaboration which paves the way for work to come.