About the Website

This is my Trumpet, and I will blow it, toot toot!

This is the fourth iteration of this website, and this time it received some more attention. A grand total of 2 weeks! Less of a dumping ground for recent work and something resembling a more coherent portfolio.

It's still a bit eclectic though. I find designing for myself somewhat difficult.

There's a greater shift towards making the site more personal, as my work is becoming more specific.

Having recently moved to Brighton and decided to stick around it's nice to have drawn a line under the old work and have a place to share new projects.

If I'm honest, not that happy with the design. It doesn't feel right, but at least the content is there which is more important. I may add a blog at some point.

How are people are interacting with the copy? That's a big question on my lips at the moment. Creative writing is currently a focus and the overflow has found it's way onto the site.

It is very personal (I am sick of corporate, replicated copy which explains nothing), but it is a genuine attempt for me to try to understand and express both what I do and how I feel about it.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, do express them. Especially if it sucks.

The Build

Everything is now content managed and templated fully in HTML5 (not for any reason) and there's some fancy CSS action of you use Chrome. I use Notepad++ to code (yes, all by hand), with the Zen Coding Plugin for extra speed.

There's a bunch of other snippets and improvements from all over the net.

Mark Pilgrim's 'Dive Into HTML5' and Jeremy Keith's HTML5 for Web Designers have been great resources.

Thanks, Nods and Acknowledgments

There are so many influences, bits and pieces at work here. There are some I'd like to mention.

What Type

The typeface used for the Volicol ID and strapline is Industria LT designed by Neville Brody. The secondary type (menu headings) is the lovely Legacy Serif. There's also some free web font action with Calluna thanks to Jos Buivenga and the rest is good old Georgia.

Yes, as a rule I know I shouldn't use so many similar typefaces, but it just worked like that.

Motion Pictures

All video is presented in HTML5 using < video > and Kroc Kamen's Video for Everybody technique. I don't use a flash fallback as downloads are clearly available in mp4, theora and webm (and I hate flash, sorry).

The videos were all encoded off the commandline using ffmpeg and I stuck with 640 x 360 so they should play on iPhone4 ok. They play fine on my android.

And thanks to you too, my fellow user

Without people looking, reading, commenting, hating, shrugging, liking and copying (I hope), all this is pretty meaningless.

So if you've found anything interesting, useful or distasteful and would like to share those thoughts, please feel free.