Hi, My Name is Myshko

I design websites, shoot films, craft identities, write stories, execute fx, take photos. plus other visual shakes & fizzles."

  • When You Stop Thinking
  • About the Work
  • You can start to play
  • And really create

From Broken Bits Drift Beautiful Bytes

Chaotic collections, rouch cuts, failures & playful musings. Bits I’m working on, or design out of interest and want to share quickly. Click an item to see larger images.

The Who, What, Where, Why and When

I guess, I am a bit like a shark...

It's not that I'd eat Robert Shaw, some sharks keep swimming or they drown. So I'm always looking for work. Nom, nom, nom...

  • Jumpei Kinoshita

    With his business cards back from the printers, and jumpei-kinoshita.com live, Jumpei is ready to display his art at the slade shows.

  • The Stifani Brothers

    Back in London from their sell out show 'How About You' everyone's favourite italian twins need a blog to promote themselves and their adventures.

  • Supermojo

    I shot an mv for my sisters band months ago, then they split up and didn't need it. Now they are not. Needs finishing.

Time goes slow when you have fun.

The opposite of what you'd expect perhaps, but it runs that way for me. I enjoy everything I do, so time passed calmly.

I've worked for many successful agencies, with lots of interesting entities, big brands, crazy startups and daring individuals.

Now hired freelance for companies as part of their team and eager collaborator with artists, bands, writers, dreamers and anyone with brave ideas, a singular vision or passion.

Can work low / pro-bono for charities and those with an idea above the common.

Friendly and open, genuine and generous, contact me if you'd like to hire my services, need some help or just want to meet for coffee and talk shop.

My real name is Mike J Hadfield.

A freelance designer based in Brighton and London with solid experience in web and film and the arts.

Volicol is a simple space to collate my work, a loci to crystallise my ideas and a persona with which to share my skills.

I produce at Spiderhouse Productions Ltd where we now have features in production.

Shards of free time are spent on~

helping write-club, enjoying photo talks, visits to the farm, whistling; screenings at kino, playing bad blues; folding paper godzillas, bouncing with friends, relaxing with my adoring family, doodling...

Get in touch and distract me via:

(It has often been said, that my emails are 'epic' whatever that means) /m.